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Hauora | Wellbeing

Hauora is one of the Strategic Goals of our school. Looking through the Māori lens, Hauora is based around Whare Tapa Whā.

Whare Tapa Whā is a model of the 4 components of wellbeing, designed by Sir Mason Durie.

These 4 components are:

  • Taha Tinana – Physical Wellbeing
  • Taha Whānau – Family and Social Wellbeing
  • Taha Hinengaro – Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Taha Wairua – Spiritual Wellbeing

Then at the bottom are the land and roots. The idea is that by nurturing and strengthening all the components, you support your health and wellbeing, as well as the health and wellbeing of your whānau.

If something in your life is challenging the wellbeing of one wall or component, you can draw on the foundation and other walls until you can strengthen that wall again.

Each wall needs the other to be strong and nurtured to keep standing as a whare.

 At Miramar North School, we work hard to ensure we are helping all our ākonga to be strong in each of the components of the whare. We do this through a values-based practice, where we track the wellbeing of our students.

We provide a wide range of deliberate acts of teaching, opportunities, and activities for students to feel safe and secure in their school and classroom environment, strengthening each of the walls of the Whare Tapa Whā.

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Whare Tapa Whā