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Home & School Crew

We are parents of children attending Miramar North School who work alongside the Board of Trustees and the teaching staff to fundraise and run school community events. We invite you to join us and have fun while helping to foster the vision of whanaungatanga (a sense of belonging through community) within the school and our community. All our events are run in-line with MNS Core Values

We know that our MNS community is full of wonderful people who’d like to help, but don’t necessarily want to commit to the core H+S team. That is absolutely fine! Why not become part of the “Friends of MNS H+S” network?! We know that there are many skills, services, and interests among you all – please share those with us! Many hands make light work, as well as pull our incredible community together.

Below is a Google form to complete – all responses will remain confidential to H+S:

Meet the Crew ( from left to right ):

Danielle Bhasin – has a child in Year 2 (Room 12) and another starting in Year 0 end of year. Nicky Mildenhall – has a child in Year 2 (Room 12). Kate Curtis – has a child in Year 3 (Room 1). Penny Duncan – has a child in Year 2 (Room 12) and another starting in Year 0 mid-year. Sarah Macintosh – staff rep – leader of Rimu Syndicate and Year 0-1 teacher (Room 10). Nicole Boardman – has three children at MNS – Year 6 (Room 7), Year 4 (Room 3) and Year 2 (Room 11). Nicole is the teacher aide for Rimu Syndicate. Steve Austin – has two children at MNS – Year 5 (Room 7) and Year 2 (Room 13). Aimee Cope – has two children at MNS – Year 3 (Room 4) and Year 1 (Room 11).

Thank you in advance!

A huge thank you in advance for supporting us – we really do appreciate all your incredible support. We aim to have whānau and tamariki that feel connected to their school and wider community, as well as fundraise to support our fantastic MNS kids in their classrooms.

Your 2022 Home & School team


How to find us?

We have a real focus on communication this year. Many of the team are around at drop-off and pick-up times, so please feel free to come and have a chat. Or you can drop us an email.

We encourage you to join our “MNS Community” Facebook page too. This page is useful for event information (and reminders!), misplaced articles of clothing/equipment, and even to ask questions!