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Managing our Funding

The MNS board must ensure that we use our funding to:

  • Provide quality education and rich experiences for our children;
  • Keep the buildings and pool well-maintained.

We strive for MNS to be a source of pride for our wider community.

Where does our funding come from?


The school has to meet all the costs of running the school through a mix of Ministry funding, grants, parent donations and fundraising.

We are fully reliant on donations from our generous parents and community to give our children the wonderful education and experiences they have at Miramar North School.

We, as the Board of Trustees, try our best to strike the right balance of priorities with our funding to deliver the best opportunities and outcomes for our children and our staff.

As a board we welcome parents wanting to understand more about this and are always available to talk.



Please feel free to contact Alastair Mason if you have any questions.