Our People

Our Board of Trustees

It is recognised that the Board of Trustees has the overall governance responsibility for MNS, but to enable our school to function effectively, the Board of Trustees and the Principal work together in a climate of mutual goodwill, respect, trust, and co-operation.

Our strategic plan and school charter are formulated in consultation with all of the stakeholders in our wonderful school including our children.

The consultation process is mostly in the form of meetings and surveys. Raising student achievement is at the core of our strategic plan and charter. The Board will annually review the Charter ensuring its ongoing relevance and direction reflects the communities and legislative requirements.

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Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Our Vision

Inspired and empowered students reaching their full potential.

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Annual Plan 2023

Our Mission
Help our young children learn the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be confident, connected, engaged lifelong learners.
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The Board of Trustees functions include:

  • Establishing the purpose of the school as set out in the charter.
  • Allocating funds and resources enabling the staff to implement the charter goals, objectives and procedures.
  • Approving the appointment of staff and the purchase of major equipment.
  • Establishing the school’s identity in the community and ensuring that consultation takes place.
  • Reporting to both the government and the school community.
  • Ensuring that all legislative requirements are met.

Meet our board

Our Board of Trustees is made up of five parent representatives, the school Principal and a staff representative elected every three years. Meetings are held in the school staffroom at 6.00pm. These are open meetings and everyone is welcome, with community input invited for the first 15 minutes.

About Us

We’d like to tell you all a bit more about us, the Trustees.

“We’re a local family involved in Ories rugby club and have two children currently at MNS – Johnny in Year 5 and Charlie in Year 2 (and previously Bella who is now Year 8). I actively support education that is not just focused on numeracy, literacy, arts, and science, but that is progressive and inclusive of all abilities, genders, and identities, and that honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”

“Kia ora, my partner and I have one child – Cormac – in year 2, and this is my second round on the board. My main work background is developing organisational strategy, managing risk and issues, and – most importantly – helping people succeed. I’m passionate about working on behalf of all parents to help the school leadership team provide the best learning environment for our tamariki.”

“I’m a dad to four kids, two of which are currently at Miramar North School with one more still to come. I have a real passion for education. I want to see every child being given every opportunity to be their best, both in and out of the classroom.”

“I’m the dad of three awesome young kids, including a five-year-old that just started at Miramar North this year. I am a big supporter of STEAM, and promoting technology and hands-on learning with kids while keeping them safe in the digital world.”

“I’m the mum of Eli in Year 5 and Samara in Year 2. I work on a range of projects and it’s a privilege to be a part of the MNS Board, and contribute to the school’s efforts to be an inspiring, inclusive, and accessible learning environment.”