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For over 20 years Principal Joyce Adam has come across a lot to be thankful for. Accolades and achievements bestowed upon her students are plentiful. In this article, you will get to know the woman responsible for helping thousands of students develop their potential and what it is that makes her a leader.

“As a leader, sometimes you have to implement change that is not of your making and sometimes change you may not even agree with. Over the last 20 years, primary school principal Joyce Adam reckons there hasn’t been a year without some major change initiative to implement. Joyce shares her experience in leading change and how her school makes leadership accessible through recognising everyday acts as small moments of leadership.”

The quote above is an excerpt from this article published by Catapult Leadership.
Nick Sceats and Andrea Thompson of Catapult Leadership have published the book “Leaders Like You,” based on candid interviews with 24 inspiring leaders throughout New Zealand, including Joyce. It is an inspiring read that paints a rich picture of what good leadership looks like in many walks of life, and whose subjects include some notable Kiwis.

Here’s what other inspiring people are saying about Principal Joyce Adam, including past Chairpersons:

“Joyce is a visionary leader who is focused on the needs of her students and community. She is well respected as a leader and is great at developing leadership within her school. A passionate educator, Joyce’s decisions are centred around the future the students in her school are growing up into”

Karen Tui Boyes, CSP, Champion for Life Long Learning & NZ Speaker of the Year 2019

“Joyce is a highly experienced and professional educator. She is an inspiring principal. She is a leader of teachers, a creator of school community, and engagement with parents.”

Andrea Thompson, Catapult Leadership Development: Leaders who Can. Cultures that Enable.

“For the seven years (six as Board Chair) that I was on the MNS Board of Trustees Joyce was the school’s Principal. Without doubt, I know of few people with her drive, unselfish attitude, commitment, and desire to bring about the best outcomes for the students”

David Fisher, Director - Advisory & Transaction Services Office at CBRE

“When “Tomorrow’s Schools” educational reforms were introduced in 1989, as a member, and later, Chairperson, of the Board of Trustees, I had the pleasure of appointing Joyce Adam to the position of principal at Miramar North School. Subsequently, Joyce worked collaboratively with the Board of Trustees to implement significant changes to school administration, curricula, and relationships with the local community, during tumultuous times. Joyce is a person of great character, a person of intelligence, and diligence, and is humble. I would recommend Joyce without reservation.”

Ian Lum , Contract Lawyer, Information Services Contact Manager

“Joyce is very collaborative and open while also being task-focused in her leadership of a regional group of principals. At all times relationships and people come first.”

Carolyn English, Core Educational Consultants

“Our family’s happy association with Joyce spanned 17 years and three girls through the school. She is a strong leader. Her leadership has taken the school successfully through some big projects and significant changes including a massive rebuild programme and the introduction of National Standards. Leading educational change is one of her key strengths.

The proof to me, as a parent, of Joyce’s high performance as a Principal was her consistent ability to employ and retain long-term and excellent staff. Her team was always diverse and interesting, motivated, and simply great at teaching.

The proof to me, as a board member and chair, of Joyce’s capabilities as a manager and leader was her consistent understanding of the school finances, staff, systems, and her clarity around the strategic direction of the school.

My thoughts to the students and many parents at my final assembly as Chairperson were: “Joyce’s leadership is a lovely balance of professionalism, good humour, and fairness. Joyce is highly recommended as a manager and leader.”

David Stimpson, Stimpson & Co., Commercial Advisors To The Public, Iwi And Community Sectors