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Wellbeing and the Online Learning Program at MNS

Throughout the several Covid-19 Alert Levels, Online Learning at Miramar North School has been a phenomenal success. We put a big focus on the wellbeing of our students during what was at the very least an upheaval for us all.

We are so happy to share our teacher’s strategies for coping when they are worried. This video was sent out to the Kōwhai Syndicate students, and now, our movie-star teachers are ready to share it with the rest of our MNS community.

Editing and music and fading of frames is not Weta Digital level, so please no judgment!

Thank you to all of our MNS Community.

Each of these values has been tested at one point or another over the past seven weeks. Which is why we reinforce these values at every point in the MNS Curriculum.